Coaching Staff:

Joe Horvath, Darrin Cummings,
Billy Heemer, Kyle Chandler and Eddie Draves
Our Vision

Myrmidons is an off-season wrestling club designed to focus on Folkstyle, Freestyle, and Greco Roman wrestling, advanced through basic instruction/technique, drilling, live wrestling, and conditioning. The coaches would like to emphasize the importance of this program with our D-East (9th -12th), LMS (6th -8th), and youth (K – 5th), but we encourage wrestlers from all areas to attend. Myrmidons also builds camaraderie amongst its members and focuses on the concept of “team” and “strength in numbers.” The best wrestlers participate in year round training and competition.  Here is your opportunity to become more skilled in your sport!

Myrmidons Wrestling Club begins its official Spring/Summer TBD. Joe Horvath, Darrin Cummings, Billy Heemer, Kyle Chandler and Eddie Draves serve as the program coaches. For more information on the coaching staff, click HERE.  The club trains in folkstyle during the Fall/Winter and Freestyle/Greco Roman/Folkstyle during the Spring.

The 3 forms needed to register are below.  All 3 signed forms and a check for $100 covers an athlete up to the last day of this coming August, at which time, all athletes and coaches must re-register.

Download your Myrmidons Wrestling application HERE! Special Note: The Myrmidons are now accepting applications to join the club for the 2016 Spring/Summer season, with the USA Card valid until the end of August.

All wrestlers must sign up for a USA Wrestling Membership Card.  This is a supplemental insurance card and is a requirement to join the club. Access HERE!

USA Wrestling Waiver and Release Form must be signed and sent in with your Membership Card information. Download form HERE!

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