The Cougars Reach the End of the Line at the SEPA Regional!

In the wrestling world, the first weekend in March is known for the Southeast Regional tournament and the five tickets to Hershey each weight class is allotted. 16 battle-tested wrestlers from across the four-county area compete at their highest level for one of those coveted five spots. Downingtown East sent its three-man contingent and fought to the best of their abilities. The challenge proved extremely difficult, and in the end, the Cougars took it on the chin and landed out of the competition. Noah Pagaduan (145, 0-2), Josh Hillestad (132, 1-2), and Connor Huntoon (172, 1-2) fought bravely, but the task was a tall one. Congrats go out to these three, and the rest of the team who nurtured them along the way. Many lessons were learned this year and the question becomes, “What’s Next?” East is a young team with a lot of potential, but they must make a conscious and collective effort to improve before November 2022. They have to create a plan and follow it knowing even more success lies in front of them if they do. The stage is set. Finally, congrats and thanks to our departing seniors and their families for their hard work and leadership. You will be greatly missed! Best of luck to all! INVICTUS

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