The Chestmont League Tournament: A Stepping Stone

On Saturday 12/10, the Chesmont League hosted their annual league wrestling tournament at WC Rustin High School. The league tourney sets the stage for early heated combat every year, and the 2022 edition was no different. Downingtown East took a young line-up of 11 healthy wrestlers and managed to secure 5 places on the podium. Adham Abouraya (285) was East’s lone finalist and lost a close 3-2 decision in the finals. Josh Hillestad (152) and Tommie Grizzanti (189) both wrestled back hard for 5th place finishes, while Valen Piff (121) finshed 6th and Ryan Loraw (172) injury defaulted and settled for 6th. The team finished 9th out of 12 teams, keeping them from the basement, but also making it known that this season’s theme will be learning and progressing. East has to keep it’s nose to the grindstone and use each day as a stepping stone towards greater achievement. Next up, the Pequea Valley Invitational on Saturday 12/ 17. Good Luck Cougars!

One thought on “The Chestmont League Tournament: A Stepping Stone”

  1. Be proud that you represent your school in the toughest sport in highschool. Keep grinding and you will get better.

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