East Battles At The Chichester Duals!

On Saturday (1/14), East travelled in the early morning down to old Boothwyn and renewed their participation in the Chichester Duals. 6 teams from District 1 collected there and battled each other over the course of 5 dual meets. The Cougars finished the day 4-1, dropping their opener to Upper Dublin 26-28, but they rebounded quickly and won their last four duals. They beat Chichester 49-18, Springfield (D) 42=22, Norristown 72-5, and Penncrest 35-26. Valen Piff (114), Josh Hillestad (145), Ryan Loraw (172), and Adham Abouraya (285) all ended the day with unblemished 5-0 records. The Cougars are now 7-3 on the year, but there is much to face in their campaign and the road will only get more challenging. Best of luck!

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